Core Communities

Core Communities Promo from Laura Porter Films on Vimeo.

Our Core Communities aim to bring people together throughout the week. Meeting in different settings, for different activities, they create space to spend time together, encourage each other and build friendships.

Our Core Communities run termly, with a break in-between each term for rest and leaders’ training.

How do I sign up?

You can check out all of our Core Communities in ChurchSuite. For more information on how to get onto ChurchSuite, just click here.

You can view all of the available Core Communities under the “My groups” section in the app. It’s a simple click to join the group that you choose.

If you haven’t yet given us your contact details, you can do so via our ‘Connect’ page or just click on your chosen group below and fill in the fields. By signing up to a group you are agreeing to us adding your details to our church database.

All of the groups for this term are displayed on this map and listed below.

Summer Term Core Communities

Student Core Communities

Students hanging out, challenging and encouraging each other in their relationship with Jesus, in the midst of University life.