We are a community of students in Bath committed to following Jesus, seeking his transformation in our lives, in the lives of our friends and in our universities, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We currently have a student community of around 70 students. Our student small groups (Core Communities) are at the heart of this, meeting every week throughout the term across the city centre, Oldfield Park and on campus. They seek to encourage and inspire one another to get to know Jesus better, to share in the ups and downs of university life and to participate with God in his ongoing work of renewing and bringing life to the universities here in Bath and seeing their friends come to faith. We also meet all together a number of times each term for worship, teaching and ministry.

Whether you are just starting student life here in Bath or are a returning student we would love to meet you! If you have any questions and want to get in touch feel free leave us a message below. To be kept up to date with everything we have going on for students throughout the year, you can join our Facebook group here.

Student Welcome Lunch - 8th October 2017

If you are exploring joining us then make sure you get along to our Student Welcome Lunch at The Bath Bowling Club (just round the corner from the Pavilion) straight after our morning service on Sunday, 8th October. Here we will share a bit more about who we are and our vision for the student community for the year ahead.

See what some of our students got up to last summer…

A number of our students took up Fusion’s challenge to ‘Escape & Pray’, heading out in three teams to unknown destinations across Europe with the simple mission of praying for the city, connecting with local churches and exercising their faith as they improvised and made themselves available to be used by God. Our hope is that what they learned won’t stay in those cities, but that we will see our student community embracing the same mission right here in Bath. Here’s a snapshot of what the Toulouse team got up to on their second day…

Let us know if you are coming to Bath this summer!